Kalikimaka (kalikimaka) wrote in ghostwriters,

ghostwriting Kalemachka

Acting in the Vessels

Not your place of tomorrow,
My role model, the belly's dust,
Lighthouses without signal, without signal,
Without disdain of art, manifesto.
I will turn to sleep?

I try hiding my return
As sleep ends.
Abandonment is the past
And I am born and I have one.
Time in greatness
Has the color of gentlemen.

And there is the present,
And this, the shadows.
Fairies to our tales in the earlier version
Lack the heart of you.
But the bright birds rehearse
In the mountains in case of terrors.

My little time, my readers,
In greatness triumphant.
Here, in their burning world
Feel their sighs and death.
Nature holds the best view of terrors.

I have the belly,
and there is at times
Acting in the vessels of my heart.

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