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Ghostwriters brainstorming ...

Aa good fakejournal has a distinctive and consistent "voice" that is (hopefully) interesting and provocative. Ideally, entries should be written by a small group of people (this reduces the pressure for someone to be the sole creator of the content) ... but ultimately edited by a single individual to ensure a consistent "tone."

Met up with a fellow LJ user at the LA Bash and we tossed a few ideas back and forth. Tossed out some lame ideas ... but we hit upon something that I think has great potential. More details to follow.

In the interim ... I'm curious if any of you have a favorite fakejournal (perhaps one that I'm not aware of ... there are a lot of lame fakejournals and only a handful of truely clever ones). If so, do share it and explain a bit what you like about it.

Some of personal favorites of the fakejournals:

Amenlover is a thick-headed religious lunatic (yeah yeah - "is there any other kind?") with a stark, Manichean view of the world, fearlessly declaring that Catholics are condemned to hell (For those tempted by the wafer-god...) as well as engaging overeager Christians in extended discussions on theology. What's impressive is the author's capacity to satirize what some would already consider to be an absurd belief-system ... and do it in such a way that it incites both venomous hatemail from the usual suspects, as well long-winded posts from over-earnest Christians on points of theology. Amen!

Ah, the late, great Billiam - ebonics-talkin, pr0n-loving, Photoshop Pimp and one of the first genuine "LJ Superstar." What was most impressive to me about Billiam (aside his technical skills creating side-splitting digital images) was the kind of influence he wielded. How many LJ users have the power to get dozens of girls to send topless pictures of themselves with just a single journal entry? We will miss you, Billiam. Dat iz all.

Those of us who grew up in the 80s may remember the animated series "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe." If you haven't seen He-Man's LJ, you owe it to yourself to check it out ... from what I've seen, the most impressive thing about He-Man's journal is the quality and volume: he posts daily, writing highly entertaining multi-paragraph updates on his adventures with Mer-Man, Skeletor as well as his tireless quest to bed She-Ra.

What are your favorite fictional journals? What sort of fictional journal would you like to collaboratively work on?
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