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writing like lucent, dorthy gives me a fake hug, taped over quarters movie

Woke up around 7 am. Went downstairs and saw the floor was completely wet. The toilet was overflowing from friends drinking before. Took turns playing quarters and puking the previous night. Wouldn't be so bad but my feet kept getting wet. Went through four pairs of socks before leaving for school. Feet smelled like a mix of vodka and poo.

Dorthy hugged me in gym. Not really, she actually just grabbed me with both arms. I like to use my imagination cap. I contemplated kissing her on the spot but decided against it. There were already too many people watching, didn't want to be the school gossip. I regret it now. Asked Dorthy to stop by the pizza place so I could give her a free pizza. Was very adamant. Drew Dorthy an invisible map with my arms that only had two street names. The rest were "those streets whose name I can't remember." Ended up looking funny for looking stupid. I don't mind, I'd rather be funny and stupid than me. If Dorthy stops by the pizza place I decided I'm writing my phone number on the back of the cooking directions sheet. Not sure if I should add more. Advice anyone? Oh well, she won't call anyway.

Decided to tape over quarters. One of the designated drivers filmed the entire night. Didn't want mom to see but felt bad taping over something so recent. Decided the only way was to replace it with something better. Went outside and filmed the plastic bag, flowers, and children playing on the street. Went to sleep with a smile on my face.

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