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Chicken distributor, replaced phone, chocolate coffee beans

Originally posted 18 Mar 2002.

Swapped with mrbochenkels for one entry.

i really like the smell of air conditioning at home. it means summer has started. i always associate it with school being out. it's great. i don't think it's so great now. i second-guess myself. oh well.

i stayed up until 7 in the morning.

dad woke me up at 1 like he said he would. see, he usually says he's going to wake me up at a certain time but he knows about when i go to sleep so he doesn't like to wake me up without enough sleep on vacations and weekends so he just lets me sleep and is either like "we can still go today" or "we'll go tomorrow" or whatever. anyway, i took a shower and we went to this chicken distribution place that i made the web site for. it was a junky web site too, i was embarrassed. i hope they don't talk about it or ask me when it's going to have more stuff up. i hate it when people say "make me a web site" and they don't give you any content. how am i supposed to know what you want up there?

dad offered to drop me off at my office but i didn't really want to. i didn't say anything yet. i was going to pop it at the last minute. it's like inviting people over to dinner and keeping the invitation open for a long time so if they cancel on you you still get the points for inviting them. i wanted to still get the points for pretending to want to go to work or something. i don't even know. he asked if i wanted to just go to the chicken place with him when we were almost to the exit.

i remember it being really stinky before you get into the office then when you do get in there it's all stuffy and there's a big black dog that sniffs you. i don't like dogs sniffing me. the dog looked right into my eyes really sad with the patented puppy dog eyes that dogs have but i didn't budge. i felt myself saying to him "sorry, you got the wrong person, cause i don't have any sympathy for you or you getting your head scratched just like no one really cares about me. i'm heartless like that" it felt like i looked into his eyes for a good 5 seconds but i looked away cause i didn't want to be aggressive or anything and get bitten. i used to be really afraid of dogs until i was about 8.

they wanted to recover one of the employee's hotmail passwords so my dad asked me to get it cause last night i told him i hacked some other girl to get her journal. i told them it'd be easier just to guess the secret question cause people come up with really easy dumb secret questions. "what's my dog's name" "who do i like" "who's my favorite guy in blink-182" they don't seem to understand the concept of a secret question, that's okay though. my secret question makes you add up the 2 serial numbers of my digital and still cameras. anyway we couldn't guess the dog's name password. how lame. i made up some elaborate story about how i couldn't hack it the same way i hacked that girl cause she had to be logged into MSN or something. whatever.

next me and my dad went to cingular to replace my phone. it won't boot anymore. it's so hard to explain that i didn't break the phone or drop it or something, it just won't boot. the software is terrible. see, for months now it's been having little problems like it won't show all the address book entries or when i turn it off the backlight stays on or it won't turn off at all or on at all unless i remove the battery. but it has a little tiny watch battery soldered into the back that keeps me from doing a full reset. some registers are staying and since the whole thing is just ROM, giving it a full real power cycle would guarantee that it'd work again. i know it would. just try explaining that to customer service blondes. i shouldn't say that cause i bet the guys are just as dumb.

while she fooled with the phone my dad looked for a new phone. his is too big. he looked at some $300 motorola one. the salesperson told him all the bologna about it and then he asked me why it was so expensive so i told him straight up that it's cause it has GPRS which is like always on internet. i also told him cingular doesn't support it at this time. then i thought that sounded kinda presumptuous with the salespeople around so i was polite and asked the saleswoman nearby if they did yet and she said they didn't so i felt a little better. he bought the same phone i had that he broke a while ago, the t28. it's really slim, he likes really small electronic things. he always talks about how he likes a really small channel clicker and fusses about how big some are. his favorite thing about my wega tv in the dorm was the tiny remote it came with.

like always we went to chop's grill. the waitress there looked kinda like colleen mcedwards from cnn live at daybreak. i like her. what was funny was that waitress never served us before and she said "i know you always get the cheese toast" which i thought was great. i mean, how many waitresses know what you always order that haven't served you?! that's kinda like its own hidden treasure in a way. while i was waiting for the meal i sent all my address book entries from the jornada to the phone. i washed my hands too and saw this black guy that looked like he was in his 40s and he was using a cane and slowly making his way from the urinal to the sink and as soon as i opened the door to leave i thought that i wanted to help him but i couldn't double back and go back and say do you need some help after i'm halfway out the door cause that'd just be strange. i still felt bad for not helping him

we went to the mall after that like we always do and just walked around. my dad bought some shorts for me. swimming shorts. you can't tell though. i was really angry for a second. wanted to throw him across the room. just for a second. i wasn't really worried about seeing the beautiful banna but i always keep my eyes peeled anyway. i thought a few girls looked like her when i was walking around but i got over that pretty quick. my dad got some coffee from barney's like always. we looked at the little tiny coffee cups with people's names on them that were marked down like 3 times to just a dollar, i mean how can you not buy them when they're only a dollar?! my dad said i should get one for my mom so i did, i wanted to get a banna one but i didn't even though it was the last one. that's a really good way to find out your kids' crushes is to let them buy things with any names cause you know they want the things with the people they like's names on them.

i don't like coming home from town. we drove home and i tried to find stuff on the radio but couldn't find anything my dad liked. he only likes about 10 songs and says everything else sucks. what's crazy is that the songs actually sounded like crap when i listened to them with my dad listening. even songs i liked. i guess that's kinda sad in a way.

i ate a bunch of chocolate-covered coffee beans on the way home and the rest of the night. they're so good. i think i have like 10 beans left now and i started out with a quarter pound. i eat a bunch and then get a caffeine headache and take a break and eat some more. i don't know why i do it but i don't think i'll get addicted to them. i don't have an addictive personality.

i really like the old AT&T "you will" commercials, they were so great. i wish i could find them online. stupid morpheus found about a thousand files that matched "you will" and none that matched at&t cause it thought the & was underline-the-next-letter like it is in VB. anyway, those commercials were stuff i always imagined but never saw outside of my head, you know? especially that one with the grocery shopping thing and checking out groceries just by driving your cart through something. i bet they improved AT&T's brand image by like 50%

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